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Mamemi is a website designed for listening to tales in many languages and to enjoy quietly with your children. After listening to each tale you can answer questions and your children can play a game. With the help of these tales you can stimulate your child's imagination, and teach them the values you consider the most important.

Using new technologies, children can listen to legends, or crazy adventures, of tales from all around the world, and at any time in the language they prefer. With these stories, today's boys and girls can begin to understand tomorrow's global world.


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to listen all the tales from the web, as many times as you wish, in the language you prefer
to enjoy new tales monthly, in many languages, that will gradually fill mamemi web.
to select your children’s favourite tales, and create your own page
to email us your children’s drawings, that will be displayed in the image gallery, and to ilustrate his favourite tale so many days.


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