We have taken some traditional stories and have added a few twists to make them more modern. We have also written a few new ones. The stories have been translated into many different languages recorded by native speakers, with music and sounds added.There is already a wide selection of stories for you to listen to and every month we will add a new one to the collection for you to enjoy.

The stories are split into 5 categories:







Stories all about animals. 











Here the main characters are children. Boys or girls getting up to mischief and having lots of exciting adventures. 











Princesses are such delicate people, with long dresses and sad stories to tell, usually helped by magic fairies, are the main characters for this category. 








The famous inventor from the town of Fodz. 


When Flynn was a young boy he had a big imagination and he wanted to make new things. Now he is older Flynn has a lab full of tools and devices where he combines electronics, mechanics and chemistry to make inventions to help people have an easier life. He lives in Fodz, a little town close to the sea, in a house for gadgets, always thinking of new ideas. Flynn is a lovely natured young man who is always smiling. 





The naughty explorer. 

Jules is always moving about, running, jumping and playing. Everybody likes him. He likes discovering new places and always makes friends along the way. Jules has one passion: diving with his father, and seeing his many friends under the sea.