Seven little goats and the wolf

    A wicked wolf wants to eat little goats

    Three little pigs

    There are many ways to build a house

    The Princess and the pea

    A prince who wants a real princess

    The hare and the tortoise

    A fast turtle?

    Little boy Patufet

    A boy smaller than a pence

    the magic windmill

    Turn to the right and ask what you wish


    A princess and a witch

    The legend of Saint George

    A dragon and a princess
  • The ant and the grasshopper

    A working ant and a lazy grasshopper
  • twelve dancing princesses

    Are princesses dancing all night long?
  • The milkmaid

    A dreamer girl
  • The prince frog

    Is a slimy green frog a real slimy green frog?
  • Puss in boots

    What can a cat do with boots and a hat?
  • Swan lake

    A swan with a crown
  • Little tin soldier

    A brave tin soldier with just one leg
  • Emperor s New clothes

    an emperor who just loved buying clothes
  • Jack and the beanstalk

    A naughty boy